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Circle of Success Platinum

Mastermind Program

Support • Accountability • Progress


The Circle of Success Platinum is a virtual community for aspiring entrepreneurs, nonprofit and for-profit leaders.  The Circle of Success is a Virtual Accountability Program design to keep your focus on the task at hand. 


Circle of Success Benefits:

Circle of Success Platinum group allows you to tap into the shared wisdom of a group of other participants. You get exposed to different perspectives and draw on diverse skills and experiences.


Circle of Success Platinum Mastermind is a 90 day program in which our focus includes:


  • 90-day Accountability Program 

  • One Day Virtual Retreat

  • Participant in "Hot Seat" 

  • (2) One on 1 Private Coaching Session (30 Mins)

  • Safe Group Environment to Share (Disclosure Agreement)

  • Annual Membership of  Mastermind Accountability Group*

  • Bi-weekly calls, video chats, or  emails (90 Day Period Only)

  • Accountability Partner for additional Support (if available)

  • Access to (COSP) Mastery Library 

  • 90 day 24/7 email support​


Circle of Success Platinum Mastermind group consists 

          of 5 to 10 people with set goals in mind. 


Here’s how YOU Benefit:


When you’re not sure what to do, when you’re looking for answers, you share it with the group. The Circle of Success Platinum collective abilities, insights, and outside the box thinking often produces results greater than you can achieve on your own.

Are you thinking about adding a new service or product idea?  Your peers can offer suggestions.  Need help pricing your services? The team can provide you advice. They can help shorten the learning curve, and you could see quicker results.


Problem Solving 
When your peers help you solve problems, they identify obstacles and ask questions. It focuses your thinking, so you gain clarity and come to a resolution.


Here’s an example: In a recent Circle of Success Platinum meeting, one member was struggling to grow his business; sales had been flat for the last three years. After some probing and questioning, the problem became apparent. His marketing had not kept up with his competition. He had no social media presence, his website was out-of-date, without any relevant content, and he did no e-mail marketing. He realized what he had to do, and created an action list.

Critical Insights

Members of the Circle of Success Platinum have diverse talents and interests. They bring fresh perspectives and experiences. And they help you see the blind spots and flaws in your plans so you can make better decisions.

For example,  You’re looking for help with evaluating a new idea, like launching a new service, creating an on-line course, or publishing a series of e-books. The group can examine its feasibility, the pros, and cons, and offer their experiences.With the team, you gain deeper insights into your issues. You stretch beyond your current thinking which results in additional possibilities and faster progress for you and your business.

Goals & Accountability

Your peers expect you to accomplish the tasks and targets you set for yourself.  You will take them seriously. You stay focused and determined, and you will get things done. Imagine admitting to the group that you did nothing since the last meeting.


You can’t become a great success all alone. Every successful person has a team to support and encourage them. As part of a mastermind group, you are no longer isolated and searching for direction. You know you have somewhere to turn where you feel connected and can get honest and helpful feedback.​

The Circle of Success Platinum will help you turn good into great. Your best ideas, no matter how good, are always better when the mastermind is through with them. Not only will they perfect your resources and accelerate your journey to your goal through accountability and camaraderie, but I also wouldn't build my organization without one.



 Your Commitment to the

Circle of Success Platinum  

  • Be an Active Participant

  • Be Honest and Speak Up for what you Want

  • Be Open to New Ideas 

  • Be Willing to stretch beyond current experience

  • Be Accountable 

  • Be Respectful to your peers

  • Be Committed to Your Goals & Achieving them

Celebrate Your Accomplishments!


Circle of Success Platinum Commitment to You 


  • Keep You Focus on Your Goals

  • Provide an Effective Accountability Structure

  • Maintain A Highly Confidential Environment

  • Coach You to Finding Solutions

  • Hold High Standard for You and the Coaching Process

  • Provide an Objective Perspective

  • Provide Support 

  • Share ideas, knowledge, and creative thoughts

  • Believe in YOU


Celebrate Your Accomplishments!