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Community Partnership Foundation Inc

Empowering Visionaries and Strengthening Communities

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Our History

The Community Partnership Foundation Inc [CPFI] was created in March 2018, and serves as the nonprofit arm of the Startup Strategist LLC.  Community Partnership Foundation Inc focus is to build a community that brings together nonprofit enterprises, business CEOs, and community leaders with a strategic and inclusive approach.



In today's interconnected world, the potential for impact multiplies when nonprofit enterprises, business CEOs, and community leaders join forces. The creation of a “COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY” can be a transformative endeavor, fostering innovation, shared goals, and positive change.  As a community of nonprofit enterprises, business CEOs, and community leaders, we can work together effectively by leveraging each unique strengths and resources to achieve shared goals and drive positive change.


To foster a Collaborative Community, there must be a comprehensive services, and key components present to be effective.


  • Define a Clear Purpose & Mission               Identify Key Stakeholders

  • Create a Platform for Engagement               Code of Conduct & Values

  • Offer Value-Added Resources                      Facilitate Networking Opportunities

  • Collaborative Projects and Initiatives            Promote Mutual Learning

  • Measure Impact                                            Inclusive Outreach

  • Transparent Communication                         Engage in Social Responsibility

  • Leadership Development Programs             Adapt and Evolve

  • Celebrate Achievements


Community Partnership Foundation Inc and  the Startup Strategist are committed to supporting nonprofit enterprises, business CEOs, and community leaders in their missions to create positive change. By joining together to create "Collaborative Community," we can offer a versatile range of services that address these three critical sectors' unique needs. Explore the benefits, services, and training.



Strategic Planning and Consulting                     Public Relations and Communication                     

Branding and Marketing Services                      Leadership and Team Development

Fundraising and Financial Management            Data Analytics and Performance Measurement

Web Development and Online Presence           Community Engagement and Advocacy

Leadership and Team Development                  Customized Support


Professional Development                                  Personal Growth                                                   

Networking Opportunities                                   Collaboration and Partnerships       

Business Referrals                                              Problem Solving      

Knowledge Sharing                                             Market Insight        

Access to Resources                                          Support and Engagement      

Marketing and Promotion                                    Advocacy and Influence     

Brand Visibility                                                    Access to Exclusive Events      

Mentoring and Mentorship Opportunities           Increased Business Opportunities           


  • Sector-Focused Expertise: Our team understands the distinct needs of nonprofits, businesses, and community leaders.

  • Personalized Solutions: Tailored strategies for your specific goals and challenges.

  • Proven Success: A track record of driving positive impact in each sector.

  • Data-Driven Approach: Utilizing analytics to track and enhance performance.

  • A Vision for a Stronger Community: Our commitment to strengthening and enriching communities.

Take advantage of being a part of a Collaborative Community by exploring how our services can empower your nonprofit, enhance your business leadership, and drive positive change in your community.


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