A fundraising cruise can be a very effective way to forge ties with new donors, raise awareness, build existing donor relationships, and raise additional funds for your cause. If you were to organize a charity cruise, you would not only be raising substantial funds for your organization but also increasing community recognition through outreach, advertising and more.



Another way that your charity can raise money with travel is to partner with a travel agency. The travel agent can work with your constituents to book trips, provide tailored travel advice, and ensure a great travel experience. The travel agent can then arrange with to offer a percentage of the travel sales to your charity or cause.



Another strategy to raise money with travel is to approach a large company and arrange a deal to profit-match any donation you receive. When your organization works with a travel agent, you are able to add a markup to these types of services. Then, you can ask the organization to match that markup as an additional charitable donation. There is a benefit for the large company to get involved, as supporting the cause is positive publicity for your brand.



How about a ticketed costume party aboard a cruise ship? Or a special historic-themed trip to a medieval city, with an architecture tour and a special dinner? Or maybe a trip to Islands for music lovers, a tour of Hollywood for film buffs, or a tour of Paris for art enthusiasts? Think of a theme that can give your charitable travel experience a twist to make it stand out from the rest. These will work best when they relate to what your charity does!



Travel experiences do very well as items offered at silent auctions. Everyone is excited by the idea of going on a trip, so they will eagerly bid for it. If you get a bidding war going because two supporters really want a particular trip, you can raise quite a bit of money.



Why not consider working together with an expert in a particular subject to create a unique learning experience trip? For example, a 10-day tour of Iceland with an experienced landscape photographer, learning about how to capture the best photos of the stunning scenery? Or, a trip through Vietnam with an expert local chef who will teach guests how to cook authentic Vietnamese dishes? These learning expeditions could be very desirable for guests and will be a great way to raise money for your cause.



Another example of a way to use travel to fundraise for charity is Charitable Hotels. They offer the same rates and hotels as the large hotel booking sites, but all of the commission is donated to charity. When you book the room, you will have a choice of which charity you want to donate to.

They are always looking to add more partners, so if you are a charitable organization, why not consider pairing up with them?



Fundraising with group travel can also work very well for faith-based organizations. Many churches, synagogues, and other religious groups fundraise through group travel. It could be a mission trip, a volunteering trip, or a trip to learn more about different cultures and appreciate the beauty of the world.



Another way that your charity can integrate travel into your fundraising strategy is to organize a trip that allows travelers to visit a location where charity work is being done. This allows them to see the impact your organization has on the community and makes for positive press. For example, if your charity helps provide small business loans to those in communities in Guatemala, the trip could include a tour of Guatemala and a chance to meet some of the people whose lives have been improved by the charity. This is a powerful experience, as it allows supporters of your charity to see first-hand the positive effect that their donations are having.



Supporters who are interested in your cause will likely also be interested in workshops, conferences, and other events related to the topic. For example, if you have an environmental charity and there is a conference or a talk about wildlife conservation, your supporters may be interested. You could arrange for group travel to the event, using a group travel specialist to provide you with the best deals on airfare and accommodation, while a percentage of the bookings go to your charity. Supporters will have the chance to travel to attend an event that they are interested in, while also supporting your cause.


These are just a few of the ways that you can incorporate travel into your fundraising strategy to help you raise money for your cause. To learn more about how our travel planning services can help enhance your fundraising efforts, contact us today!

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