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Strong Women Operating Together 

What We Are About

GirlBosses Network 

To ignite the dreams of an aspiring entrepreneur to

Start, Grow, and Sustain one's for-profit or nonprofit

while impacting and enhancing the lives of others.


The GirlBosses Experience!

Even the
don't always realize 
they are how many 
they've moved, and 
how many
they've touched.


My first experience with Girl Boss was awesome! As I sat back and looked at how the founder Tracy Brown brought women together to support one another's dreams and goals was truly unique. She had women who did not know one another bond with each other for the first time meeting one; this was a success because of Tracy Brown's passion for seeing women excel. Tracy shares information with you that will assist you in reaching your goal for your dream or help it come alive. This woman is strong and pours herself into those she comes in contact with. If you have a dream and need uplifting and encouragement, she and the other Girl Boss women are the connection you need!

Sheila Walker

Diamonds of Destiny

Diamonds Helping Another Diamond To Shine!

Becoming part of the Girl Boss Network has been a business Game "Upping" experience! The opportunity to network with other like-minded women who are all looking to elevate their businesses has been priceless.  The information shared and the GirlBoss events (they are so much fun!).  The GirlBoss network makes Bossing Up easier and more fun... I feel like I have found my TRIBE!!!!

Shankara McNair
Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Xceptional Travel Destinations Travel Club

Tracy Brown’s "Girl Boss" events have been nothing short of amazing! The networking opportunities have been proven to be valuable and meaningful connections.  Tracy has a true passion for women and loves to see everyone win! She takes great pride in making sure she creates a positive space for powerful women to connect and thrive. I will not miss another “Girl Boss” event.

Tatonya Holman
Xceptional Travel Destinations

This group is Amazing! The togetherness and support are top-notch.  All the Girl Bosses bring something different to the group. The knowledge and consistency keep me going. Tracy, I Thank You so much for your vision and your commitment to organizing such a dynamic organization.  Keep up the good work!

Crystal Cockrell
Sip Eat Live LLC

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