Nonprofit Services 

Changing the world is not a one-person job. Committed, motivated individuals are often the seeds of major social movements or the subjects of inspiring stories about how ordinary people, through passion and tireless dedication, can move mountains for a worthy cause. ​Nonprofits exist to bring together the people and resources necessary to mount these noble efforts.

Many people believe that all nonprofits are underfunded labors of love, keep afloat by the scrappy, and tireless efforts of self-sacrificing activities.  Many nonprofit managers and staff members discovered that working for a nonprofit is a satisfying way to meet critical community and societal needs and make a living simultaneously, which can be more difficult in the for-profit arena. Whether you're driven purely by a passion for your mission or want to combine your activist aspirations with a stable career, starting and running a nonprofit can be a great way to achieve your goals. 

With a hands-on approach, our commitment is to "Helping Your Nonprofit to Run like a For-Profit." Together we will create a successful and long-term road map that will move your nonprofit forward.



Our Services

Nonprofit Startup            

Board Training & Development 

Budgeting/Fundraising & Finances

Grant Ready               

Grant Research/Funding Opportunites  Grant Writing/Submission 

Program Development & Management  

Strategic Planning         

Organizational Compliance 

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