Nonprofit  Workshops 

We have partnered with Community Partnership Foundation Inc to provide Nonprofit Workshops & Training. 

Startup Strategist 

Is Nonprofit Right for You?

What is a Nonprofit?

Benefits of the Nonprofit Corporation

The Disadvantages of Going Nonprofit

How Nonprofits Raise, Spend, and Make Money

Your Path to Nonprofit Status

Where Should You Incorporate?

Startup Strategist 

Your Board of Directors 

How Many People do I Need?

The Incorporators & Their Roles


What Makes A Good Board

Board Policies & Procedures


Effective Meeting

Role of Committees

Membership Nonprofits  

Startup Strategist 

The Application Process 

Getting Started 

Which form to  File?

Prepare Your Application 

Filling out the Schedules

Assemble & Mail Your Application 

What to Expect from the IRS

Letter of Determination

What's Next? 


Startup Strategist 

Developing Your Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Basic

Develop Your Mission Statement

Outline Specific Goals,Objectives and Activities

Access Your Resources

Develop Strategies

Review, Edit & Finalize

Startup Strategist

Developing Your Initial Budget & Record Keeping

Setup Your Budget

Estimate Income/Expenses

Assemble Your Budget

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Tracking Income & Expenses

Financial Reports

Audits & Financial Reports

Startup Strategist 

Let's Get Organized 

State Corporate Income Exemption

Setup Your Corporate Records Book

Your First Board Meeting

Corporate Records Book

Issue Membership Certificates

File Fictitious/Assumed Business Name

Apply for Mailing Permit

Property Tax Exemptions

Registering with Attorney General

Reporting & Compliance

Startup Strategist 

Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation 

Purpose and Scope of Your Bylaws

Choose the Structure

Prepare Your Bylaws

Prepare Membership Provisions

Preparing Your Articles of Incorporation

File Your Article of Incorporation 

Protect Your Name 

Conflict of Interest & What to Do

Small Business Workshops 

Startup Strategist 

Raising Money Through Business

Tax Rules for Business Activities

Learn from Other Nonprofit's Experiences

Develop Your Own Low Risk Business Idea

Measuring You Idea

Final Plan and Test Run

Licensing, Sponsorship & Other Relationships

What's Next

Startup Strategist

Small Business Startup 

Choosing a League Structure

Picking A Winning Business Names 

Trademark Registration

Choosing a Business Location 

Leases, Contracts & More

Federal,State & Local Requirements

Startup Strategist 

How to Keep the Givers Giving

Thank Your Supporters

Follow up Communication

Invite Supporters

Analyze Your Donor Base

When to Call

Startup Strategist

Your Business Plan 

Different Purposes & Plans

Your Business & You

Making Financial Projects

Breaking Even Analysis 

Startup Costs

Cash Flow Projection

Putting it All Together 

Using Your Plan to Raise Your Startup Capital 

Startup Strategist 

Marketing Your Nonprofits

Marketing & Public Relations in a Nutshell

Common Marketing Terms

Who's Your Audience and Target

Market Research

Fundamental Marketing Tools

What's Your Story

Startup Strategist

Small Business Things to Know 

File Organizational Documents 

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Register Your Fictitious Business Name

Local Tax Registration

State Seller's 

Specialized Licenses Permit 

Home Business Zoning Restriction

Home Business Tax Deduction 

Risk and Incsurance 

Startup Strategist

Getting the Money Needed

Fundraising Tools

Fundraising People

Fundraising Skills

Fundraising Equipment & Technology


Attracting Supporters

Making Your Organizational Support Worthy

What Motivates Your Supporters

New Supporters

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