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About the Startup Strategist

History of The Startup Strategist, LLC

Founded in 2015, The Startup Strategist, LLC emerged as a trailblazer in business consulting, uniquely positioning itself as a woman-owned small business (WOSB) at the forefront of innovative strategies and solutions. Our firm was created with a singular focus: to equip both non-profit and for-profit startups with the bespoke tools and insights needed to successfully navigate the ever-evolving complexities of the global business environment. From the outset, our dedication has guided these enterprises through their foundational stages and ensured their sustainable growth and impactful presence in their respective industries.

Mission Statement

"At The Startup Strategist, LLC, our mission is to empower business CEOs and nonprofit leaders to start, grow, and succeed. We are dedicated to transforming aspirations into tangible outcomes by fostering the development of resilient, sustainable enterprises and thriving communities. Our commitment lies in catalyzing meaningful impact and elevating societal well-being through unwavering support, pioneering innovation, and bespoke strategic guidance tailored for each startup's unique journey."


Vision Statement

"The Startup Strategist, LLC envisions a world where women and minority entrepreneurs redefine the business landscape, leading to unprecedented economic prosperity and cultural diversity. Through innovation, inclusivity, and empowerment, we aim to catalyze a future where these businesses are celebrated pillars of their communities, driving positive change and creating opportunities for future generations."

Core Values

The Startup Strategist, LLC's core values are deeply embedded in our commitment to fostering an environment of growth, innovation, and integrity. These values guide our actions and decisions, ensuring we consistently deliver our promise to empower startups and contribute to a vibrant business ecosystem.


Strategy: At The Startup Strategist, LLC, we drive sustainable economic growth and create opportunities for underserved communities through diversity and inclusion, focusing on small businesses led by women and minorities.

Meet the Startup Strategist

The Startup Strategist

Tracy C. Brown

President of Startup Strategist LLC

Tracy Brown is your go-to Startup Strategist Consultant, blending 30+ years of expertise in program and financial administration with a passion for driving change. Specializing in guiding both for-profit and nonprofit startups, Tracy offers strategic planning, business consulting, and rigorous program oversight. Her rich background in public safety management and impactful projects in Prince George's County underscores her ability to craft bespoke strategies that meet your unique needs. Renowned for her hands-on approach and commitment to making a difference, Tracy empowers clients to realize their entrepreneurial dreams with tailored advice and unwavering support, ensuring your venture's foundation is solid for sustainable growth and impact.

Connect with Tracy 

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