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Our Services

Welcome to Startup Strategist LLC! We specialize in guiding early-stage ventures through the complexities of the business landscape, offering a hands-on approach that fosters confidence and skills for long-term success. Our services go beyond consultancy; they form a transformative partnership, supporting entrepreneurs from startup to sustainable growth. With personalized guidance in business planning, funding, and market expansion, we're here to help you achieve your goals. Let's embark on this journey together.

Business Development 

Understanding the Entrepreneurial Journey

We recognize that the path of entrepreneurship is replete with challenges and obstacles. The journey demands perseverance, adaptability, and a keen strategic outlook. Our experience has shown us that focus, discipline, and accountability are not merely virtues but essential tools for every entrepreneur aiming for success.

Creating a Roadmap for Success

Creating a business roadmap tailored specifically to your needs and goals is at the heart of our approach. This roadmap is more than a strategic plan; it is a living document that evolves with your business, reflecting its growth, learning, and the inevitable pivots that characterize the entrepreneurial journey. 

Nonprofit Consulting

& Management

While passion is a driving force behind nonprofit initiatives, sustainability is a critical factor that cannot be overlooked. It's a common misconception that all nonprofits operate on shoestring budgets, barely managing to keep their operations running. In reality, many nonprofits have discovered innovative ways to generate funding, manage resources efficiently, and create impactful programs that address critical needs and ensure the organization's longevity.

The nonprofit sector offers a unique blend of purpose-driven work and the opportunity for a stable career. This balance is particularly appealing for those who wish to dedicate their lives to making a difference but must also meet their personal and financial needs. Working in a nonprofit allows individuals to engage deeply with their passions and values while also developing a diverse skill set that is highly valued across various industries.

Accountability Coaching 

The philosophy of self-empowerment and accountability is a cornerstone of successful leadership and entrepreneurship. Recognizing that success hinges on your choices, actions, and behaviors is the first step toward achieving your ambitions. This principle is not just about personal development; it's a strategic approach to creating impactful, sustainable organizations in the nonprofit sector, business, or community leadership.

Our Empowerment Program

Our program is specifically designed for individuals or groups from various sectors, including nonprofit enterprises, business CEOs, and community leaders, who are looking for a transformative leap forward. 

Accountability Group Coaching
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Community Engagement

Community engagement services involve various activities and initiatives designed to connect, apply, and empower community members. Our focus is to provide services that foster collaboration, communication, and education and encourage participation within a community, leading to positive social change and development. 

Website Design & Maintenance 

Let our team help bring your vision to life by designing a website that is rich in content that compliments your products and services and engages your clients.  Get ranked on Google through branding awareness and proper placement. 

It's important to keep your website running at its best proactive maintenance ensures performance and uptime when needed.  We have a maintenance plan that's right for your budget. 

Register Agent Services 

Business entities like LLCs and corporations must appoint a registered agent when they form—and to have a local registered agent in every state where they transact business. This requirement for a registered agent or registered agent service came about as an aspect of due process. Due process states that all parties must be properly notified before a lawsuit or other legal action can proceed in the courts. The most basic function of a registered agent is to ensure your business is properly notified when involved in a lawsuit.

Same price every year ($125)

Resident Agent Services MD
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