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Our Services

With a hands-on approach, our commitment is to help our clients to start, grow, and sustain themselves.  Together we will create a successful and long-term road map that will move your business forward.  

Business Development 

As your Startup Strategist, we understand the importance of building a solid business foundation, but it doesn't stop there.  We work with clients in and through each business phase from startup, growth, and maturity.  Experience has taught us the importance of being focused, disciplined, and accountable are valuable tools for every entrepreneur. 

We understand that businesses will face challenges and obstacles, and our team works with you to create a business roadmap.  With a blend of coaching and consulting services, we can help you define goals and objectives and develop a winning business strategy by developing personalized action plans geared to the growth of minority-owned businesses with an entrepreneurially focused and innovative organization committed to wealth creation in minority communities.

Nonprofit Consulting

& Management

Changing the world is not a one-person job. Committed, motivated individuals are often the seeds of major social movements or the subjects of inspiring stories about how ordinary people can move mountains for a worthy cause through passion and tireless dedication. ​Nonprofits exist to bring together the people and resources necessary to mount these noble efforts.

Many people believe that all nonprofits are underfunded labors of love, kept afloat by the scrappy and tireless efforts of self-sacrificing activities.  Many nonprofit managers and staff members discovered that working for a nonprofit is a satisfying way to meet critical community and societal needs and make a living simultaneously, which can be more difficult in the for-profit arena. Whether you're driven purely by a passion for your mission or want to combine your activist aspirations with a stable career, starting and running a nonprofit can be a great way to achieve your goals. 


Register Agent Services 

Business entities like LLCs and corporations are required to appoint a registered agent when they form—and to have a local registered agent in every state where they transact business. This requirement for a registered agent or registered agent service came about as an aspect of due process. Due process states that before a lawsuit or other legal action can move forward in the courts, all parties must be properly notified. The most basic function of a registered agent is to ensure your business is properly notified when involved in a lawsuit.

Same price every year ($125)

Accountability Coaching 

Your success is up to you. Your choices, your actions, and Your behavior help to shape your destiny. Success comes when you decide to be responsible, empowered, and accountable for what you want and commit to the small steps.


Our program is for individuals or group setting for nonprofit enterprises, business CEOs, and community leaders who need a jump start. Our goal is to engage you by encouraging and empowering you to achieve your Dream by setting realistic and obtainable goals.


Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely goals.

Website Design & Maintenance 

Let our team help bring your vision to life by designing a website that is rich in content that compliments your products and services and engages your clients.  Get ranked on Google through branding awareness and proper placement. 

It's important to keep your website running at its best proactive maintenance ensures performance and uptime when you need it.  We have a maintenance plan that's right for your budget. 

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