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Resident Agent

What We Do:
A resident agent, also known as a registered agent or statutory agent, plays a crucial role in the legal and administrative framework of a business. As your resident agent, we will acts as the legal representative and liaison between the business and the state government, helping the business meet its legal requirements and ensuring that it is aware of and can respond to legal actions.

The Benefits of having A Resident Agent

Using our professional registered agent service benefits in Maryland provides the following benefits:

Fulfill the state requirement

  • We provide a physical office to serve as your agent. This allows your business to meet the statutory obligation to appoint a registered agent in Maryland.


  • Using our registered agent service helps protect the privacy of your business.  Avoid receiving a lawsuit in front of your clients and employees. We receive uniformed process servers, notice of lawsuit, and other deliveries discreetly at our offices.

  • Our contact information (not yours) is listed publicly with the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT).

Service of Process:

  • Receiving Legal Documents: The primary function of a registered agent is to receive legal documents, such as lawsuits, summons, and subpoenas, on behalf of the business. This ensures that important legal information is promptly delivered to the business.

Availability and Consistency:

  • Regular Business Hours: A registered agent is typically available during regular business hours to receive legal documents. This ensures that important notices are received promptly and efficiently.

Business Continuity:

  • Always Available: Having a registered agent ensures that there is a designated point of contact even if the business owner or key personnel are not always available. This is important for ensuring continuity in case of legal matters.State Compliance:​

Maintaining Good Standing:

  • A registered agent helps the business maintain good standing with the state. Regularly updated and accurate information about the registered agent is crucial for compliance with state regulations.

Our Fee:

The yearly service fee is $125.  Purchase Today, and our Resident Agent Consultant will do all the work on your behalf. 

Resident Agent Services
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