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nonprofit management

While passion is a driving force behind nonprofit initiatives, sustainability is a critical factor that cannot be overlooked. It's a common misconception that all nonprofits operate on shoestring budgets, barely managing to keep their operations running. In reality, many nonprofits have discovered innovative ways to generate funding, manage resources efficiently, and create impactful programs that address critical needs and ensure the organization's longevity.

The nonprofit sector offers a unique blend of purpose-driven work and the opportunity for a stable career. This balance is particularly appealing for those who wish to dedicate their lives to making a difference but must also meet their personal and financial needs. Working in a nonprofit allows individuals to engage deeply with their passions and values while also developing a diverse skill set that is highly valued across various industries.

Changing the world is not a one-person job. Committed, motivated individuals are often the seeds of major social movements or the subjects of inspiring stories about how ordinary people can move mountains for a worthy cause through passion and tireless dedication. ​Nonprofits exist to bring together the people and resources necessary to mount these noble efforts.

Many people believe that all nonprofits are underfunded labors of love, kept afloat by the scrappy and tireless efforts of self-sacrificing activities.  Many nonprofit managers and staff members discovered that working for a nonprofit is a satisfying way to meet critical community and societal needs and make a living simultaneously, which can be more difficult in the for-profit arena. Whether you're driven purely by a passion for your mission or want to combine your activist aspirations with a stable career, starting and running a nonprofit can be a great way to achieve your goals. 

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Nonprofit organizations are an essential part of our society. However, many nonprofits struggle to raise money and are often unaware of the importance of staying in compliance with federal, state, and local jurisdictions.  Our goal is not only to help you start a nonprofit but also to help you be successful.  We offer services that not only help you get started but also help you grow and sustain your organization.  Organizations must be prepared to provide programs that meet community needs, answer tough questions, and make difficult decisions in challenging economic times.  

We provide the following services:

  • Amendments 

  • Board Development

  • Budgeting & Financial Services

  • Charitable Registration

  • Compliance  (Federal, State & Local)

  • Dissolution and Withdrawal 

  • Fundraising

  • Grant Services (Research, Writing & Management

  • Nonprofit Formation (Creating Your Nonprofit)

  • Program Development & Management

  • Organizational Assessment 

  • ​Resident Agent 

  • Reinstatement (Nonprofit))

  • Sales and Use Tax Registration

  • Strategic Planning

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