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An energetic and forward-thinking entrepreneur, Tracy Brown, is the founder and CEO of the Startup Strategist. She has created programs such as Project Saturday.  This program creates a space where her clients can develop a business or personal strategy to propel it to the next level. 

She is best known as a Transformational Leader with over 25 years of experience.  She helps her client and organization identify needed changes by creating a visual road map that takes them on a spiritual and personal development journey.  You will always find Tracy's working one on one with her clients or in a small group.    


Her passion for people has led her to expound into the community. She shares personal and business knowledge to spearhead community outreach projects, allowing others to share their gifts, talents, and stories.  

Let's  enrich our experience.

Tracy B.


What People Are Saying . . .

Kevin Southall

Love Is My Brand LLC 


"With Tracey as my business coach I not only gained  access to the best and latest  information available for my business journey. I also gained the support, love, and confidence I needed personally to know that I could and would finish the journey. Tracey made me feel like family; not just another client."

Kim Leslie-Underwood

The Morning Glory International

Tracy Brown is someone you would want in your life! She's genuine, kind, passion and loves  what she does. Tracy has work in our ministry about three years now. Her knowledge and skills are incredible. You can give her your vision and she will create it. Whether it's creating your website. Making a flyer for an upcoming event or just calling you up to see if you are good! I've learned a long time ago; people come into your life for a reason, season and a life time. I thankful she showed up!  Our relationship has grown from professional to a Sisterhood!! 

Kim M Sudderth

Kimmie's Photos

I have had the pleasure of working with Tracy Brown. She has assisted me in puting a financial plan together. Giving easy steps I could do everyday to get closer to my financial goals. In 2020 I took the challenge to eliminate debt. I had one goal in mind and ending up eliminating two, freeing additional money to go toward saving.


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