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"People are starting a business on their terms"

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Tracy Brown, a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur, stands at the forefront of business innovation as the founder and CEO of Startup Strategist. With her pioneering program, Project Saturday, Tracy has established a transformative platform that empowers her clients to elevate their business or personal strategies to unprecedented heights.


Innovative Programs and Leadership:

Project Saturday exemplifies Tracy's innovative approach to entrepreneurship and personal development. This unique initiative offers a dedicated space for clients to brainstorm, strategize, and refine their visions, ensuring they are equipped to propel their projects forward. Under Tracy's guidance, clients delve into the practical aspects of business development and the introspective journey of personal growth.

Transformational Leadership:

Tracy's reputation as a Transformational Leader is built upon over three decades of experience as a business and nonprofit strategist. She possesses a unique ability to recognize the need for change within an organization or individual's journey. By crafting a visual roadmap, Tracy not only delineates the path to success but also integrates spiritual and personal development, making the journey an enriching experience for her clients.

Her hands-on approach means Tracy often works closely with her clients, whether one-on-one or in small groups. This personalized interaction ensures that every strategy perfectly aligns with the client's needs, ambitions, and potential for growth.

Community Commitment and Outreach:

Tracy's passion for people transcends the boundaries of business. Her commitment to the community is evident in her efforts to share personal and business insights, fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing and mutual support. Through various community outreach programs and projects, Tracy encourages others to share their unique gifts, talents, and stories, thereby enriching the collective experience and fostering a sense of unity and purpose.

A Catalyst for Change:

Tracy Brown's work with Startup Strategist and through initiatives like Project Saturday represents more than just business consultancy; it's a movement towards personal and collective transformation. Her dedication to her client's growth and her commitment to community enhancement positions Tracy as not just a leader in her field but as a catalyst for meaningful change.

In partnering with Tracy Brown and Startup Strategist, clients embark on a journey that transcends traditional business development, venturing into the realms of personal enlightenment and community impact. Tracy's vision for her clients and her community invites us all to enrich our experiences, redefine our paths to success, and share in the journey of transformation.

Tracy B.

What People Are Saying 

Toni Brooks

Managing Partner

Capital Crescent Business Associates

Tracy represents the best consulting services for small businesses and entrepreneurs. She insists on providing her clients with the most relevant and up-to-date information and being there through the entire process.

She is the consummate professional, and anyone looking to start a non-profit organization would be hard-pressed to find anyone better.


Evg. Keshia Freeland 

Love of Flame International

My experience with Mrs. Brown has been exceptional and memorable. Mrs. Brown can be giving a task or assignment and complete it in such an accelerated time and order. Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character, and you possess that and more in your Business. I rarely see Entrepreneurs that are skilled in strategic planning to achieve and sustain excellence in their business. I have found it in Community Partnership Foundation.


Eric Bowman
Saving Our Children

"Ms. Tracy Brown did an excellent job setting up our non-profit organization. She took the time to ask us all the appropriate questions and walked us through each step of the process. Tracy was extremely knowledgeable of federal, state, and local rules regarding establishing and maintaining a non-profit organization. She was always available to answer all of our questions. We are 100% satisfied with Tracy's work and highly recommend her. 


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