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Essential Services for Growing your Business

After a year unlike any other, it is time for businesses across the country to start thinking about building back. Despite the chaos and change small businesses have faced, new business filings in 2020 were 25% higher than in 2019. Strength, innovation and resilience are out there, and small businesses are finding new ways to remain profitable and serve their customers.

Investing in resources that drive successful outcomes

Growing any business, especially after this past year, will take research, planning and investment. But when you invest in the right resources and talent, you can focus on what's important to you and let other experts take care of the rest. According to Fiverr's Small Business Needs Index, based on millions of searches, these are some of the services you should consider investing in to help your business grow in a post-pandemic world:

1) Optimizing your digital storefront

Your website should clearly show who you are, why you're unique and what you have to offer. According to joint research from Fiverr and CensusWide, 33% of businesses are investing in website development due to the pandemic.

Because of this, your website needs to be clear and reliable, containing linear information that prioritizes your brand's image and value adds. It should also encourage customers to take some kind of action. For example, Rooted, a plant company, created a quiz for their customers.

Finding the right design, mapping and branding can be challenging. However, a freelancer who specializes in Shopify or WordPress Design can help you make a lasting impression on customers, increase traffic to your site and boost sales.

2) Developing an app that connects with customers

It's also important to make sure your small business is mobile-friendly. Having a mobile app allows your customers to engage with your business on the go, provide feedback in real time and promote your business in new ways. For example, restaurant owners are increasingly searching for freelance developers to build them "food delivery apps" as a way to avoid high fees from other delivery apps and increase profitability.

That said, many small business owners put off app development because they are not programmers and often don't want to learn how to make them.

3) Generating income through crowdfunding

Crowdfunding can be a helpful tool for new and existing small businesses. Crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs to generate cash for new business initiatives by delivering a compelling case for new products and services.

When deciding to crowdfund, it is important to create a strategy, choose a campaign platform and establish your funding goals. Tile, the Bluetooth finding tool, was started as a crowdfunding campaign.

Luckily, there are numerous freelance professionals who specialize in crowdfunding that can help with these tasks. From targeting the right donors to setting up a functional pay portal and helping you craft a strong funding proposal, they can worry about the details to help your business raise the funds it needs.

There's no better time to take the leap

Whether you're looking to grow your business after a tough year or looking to start something new, there is no time like the present to take the leap.

With the help of freelance services to promote the growth of your business, you can let someone else handle the details so you can focus on what you do best.

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